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Felix Rosen - Music Tutor Basildon, Essex

Meet Felix Rosen, the music tutor who’s making waves in Basildon, Essex. At just 13 years old, Felix is a young prodigy with a passion for music that’s beyond his years. He’s not your typical tutor – he’s a mature and dedicated musician who’s on a mission to share his love for music with everyone.

Felix can teach and inspire individuals of all ages, from 4-year-old budding musicians to wise pensioners looking to explore their musical side. No matter where you are on your musical journey, Felix has something special to offer.

One of Felix’s superpowers is his ability to connect with students of all backgrounds and abilities. He specialises in teaching kids with disabilities, including those with ADHD and dyspraxia. Music is a universal language, and Felix ensures that everyone can experience its joy.

Felix is a multi-talented tutor who can guide you through the world of music. Whether you’re strumming chords on a guitar, pressing keys on a piano, or making beats on the drums, Felix has got you covered. He can take you up to Grade 5 in guitar and Grade 4 in piano, offering a well-rounded musical education.

Lessons take place in Felix’s cosy Basildon home, where a relaxing and friendly atmosphere awaits. You’ll feel right at home as you immerse yourself in the world of music. Plus, enjoy complimentary refreshments during your lessons.

First Lesson is FREE!

Yes, you read that right – your first lesson with Felix is on the house! It’s a chance to get to know Felix and experience his teaching style without any commitment.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children’s musical journey unfold. You can witness the growth and progress firsthand or leave your child in Felix’s capable hands.

Felix’s teaching style is all about having a blast with music. It doesn’t have to be serious – just come, hang out, and have fun while learning the language of music.

Felix Rosen

What my students think...

Felix is teaching my 12yr old daughter the electric guitar. He's very talented and my daughter likes learning from someone her own age. She's only had 2 lessons so far but he tailors them around the songs she likes to listen to which helps to keep her engaged. I sat in on the first lesson and Felix is a very talented musician and has great patience with my daughters dyspraxia which effects her learning and dexterity. My daughter seems very determined to learn and practices what he tells her to. I recommend him for music lessons.
Tru Todd
I can not recommend Felix enough. I've only had two lessons with him and already I am seeing an improvement. Although he is only 13 years of age, it is like talking to a 20 year old. In fact when you are talking to him I have to watch my language as he is so mature. He is very knowledgeable about the guitar and once again I would recommend him to anybody looking to learn.
Russell Base
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